The name we have chosen for our company is Nides (New Intelligent Devices for Energy Saving).
Nides is an innovative startup working on next-generation ICT products with the main goal of making more efficient the industrial process controls, saving costs and energy used, as well as increasing productivity and returns. Our main fields of activity are clean technology, smart cities and communities, the digitisation of cultural heritage, the financial technology. We are a multi-ethnic and multicultural team, bringing together people with high skills from three continents.
All our partners have extensive international experience.
We believe in a better world and are working to make it possible.
Our IT company was created to bring together IT professionals with a strong ethical sense, involvement in projects and enthusiasm for technology developments.
The experience and knowledge accumulated have allowed our company to grow in the direction required by a highly dynamic sector, offering each time the appropriate response to the ever-new needs of the market.