Enrico Iaria

CEO of DooPlus Group, China

I had the great pleasure of working closely with Stefano Amoroso on Nides Eolico, a truly forefront and predictive software that also finds great application on international markets.
I then had the pleasure of following their work in China as part of the April 2019 mission of the China Italy Best Startup Showcase, where the team and the product presented have received great curiosity from investors and local stakeholders with the potential of Nides Eolico to soon launch their solution in the Chinese market.


Prof. Maria Antonietta Iavenditti

President of “Fabbrica del Vapore” Social Enterprise, Italy

I got to know Nides innovative startup for work reasons, and I appreciated their technical expertise combined with great humility and desire to work. Their project, Nides Eolico, is unique and very innovative for the renewable energy sector. They combine a great ability to do business with a strong environmental sensitivity.

Brian Mac Mahon

Incubator Expert DOJO, California, Stati Uniti.

As a large startup accelerator here in Santa Monica I believe that we have a duty to search out innovations that help a generation. As of this moment renewable energy is one of the most important focus points on the planet. Nides are solving a massive problem by increasing efficiencies and reducing production costs in renewable energy generation by almost 10%. This is a game changer in the turbine and whole energy space