The company offers solutions and services focused mainly on the SME and Public Administration markets including:
Smart solutions based on innovative
hardware and predictive software that use
artificial intelligence and automatic learning,
applied to industrial control processes.
Functional analysis and parameterization of
front office, back office and risk management
application packages, implementing information
systems and conducting an analysis of business IT processes.
Design and implementation of
cybersecurity networks and systems.
Development and implementation
of integrated information systems.
Design, develop, and implement complex
business databases for business intelligence.
We are a Smart Tech Company reducing operational and maintenance costs of wind turbines. We also predict and prevent break downs of wind turbines.
Here are the problems we solve:
Inexpensive smart solutions for SMEs that want to innovate cheaply and have to replace inefficient and expensive industrial process control systems
Problem: Eco-sustainable technologies are often very expensive and difficult for businesses to implement. We offer innovative ICT solutions to all eco-friendly businesses.
Are you a dynamic and innovative company that is concerned about the preservation and protection of corporate data? We offer you the best information technology, tools and monitoring devices, the preservation and protection of your business data and your customers.
To all companies, of all sizes, who want to make management and control more effective and less expensive, we offer our advanced, secure, flexible, technological, cooperative and participatory media platforms. Also in multilingual version.
Innovative business intelligence solutions for businesses of all sizes that want to move confidently in the globalized market, without spending exaggerated amounts.
This website, along with all other Nides Srl constituent activities, have been co-financed thanks to the pre-speed programme of the Lazio Region, to support the creation and consolidation of innovative, knowledge-intensive startups and research spin-off initiatives.
The Lazio Region aims to promote the creation of innovative startups and support their early start-up phases (cd. pre-seed) in order to make them attractive for the venture capital market and enable them to find the finance needed to consolidate the business idea. At the same time, the initiative aims to strengthen the link between research and business through the promotion of research spin-offs. Startups and spin-offs are a driving force for economic growth and employment, especially youth and high-profile jobs, in high-tech sectors.


The Ministry of Economic Development intends to implement specific measures for the support and development of Italian start-ups whose product or service presents potential for international development. ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies organizes an integrated development path abroad called Global Start up Program reserved for a maximum of 120 innovative Italian start-ups, are committed to the development of product or service innovations, which aim to strengthen their technical, organisational and financial capacities to address new markets. The project aims, in the first phase, to implement and consolidate the technical and managerial skills of start-ups; in the second phase, to promote new business opportunities and the attraction of international investments through specialized training with strong practical characterization directed to the management of start-ups; internship abroad from 3 to 6 months at selected incubators in the focus countries (United Kingdom, United States of America, China, Japan, South Korea and Slovenia) funded through the delivery of a grant. Eligible beneficiaries will first receive a specialist training course in English, to be held in four locations spread over the country. Admission to the project is free of charge.